Choice Dialer

Fast, hands-free voice control for Android.


What does Choice Dialer Do?

Choice Dialer lets you call, text and email contacts, play music and schedule calendar events and calls with simple spoken commands:

 "Call Bob Jones at work"
 "Schedule an event for Tuesday at 3 PM"
 "Play music by the Beatles"
 "Next song"
 "Shuffle play music"
 "Find contact for Sue Conroy"
 "Send a text to Bill Marks"
 "Send email to Jay Fox at home"
 "Set my Facebook status"
 "Disable wi-fi"
 "Remind me to call Ed Harris in 2 hours"
 "Enable texting over Google Voice"

... and more. The design focus is on short-cuts that save time.

Hands-free use with Voice Confirmation

Android's Voice Dialer (prior to Android 2.2) require manual/visual confirmation for each command. Choice Dialer confirms ambiguous commands by voice. Even on Android 2.2 and later, Android's Voice Dialer doesn't confirm commands, it merely intones what it heard and proceeds to place the call whether it was correct or not!

Bluetooth Headset Support

If your Android version and phone support Bluetooth voice dialing, Choice Dialer will deliver this functionality. A simple litmus test is if you have Android's Voice Dialer and it works with Bluetooth, this app will work, too.

Otherwise, Bluetooth headset users will find that the apps speak to them over the speakerphone and switch to the headset only after a call is placed.

Wired headsets such as those for an iPhone will certainly work well.


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  • Choice Dialer is a trademark of Resounding, LLC.