Choice Dialer

Fast, hands-free voice control for Android.

Paid and free versions are on Android Market. Issue List
NOTE: The last release of the Android 1.x version was 1.7.17

Apr 20, 2012 v1.8.0

  1. Addresses the issues that arose with 1.7.35 for most users. I'm extremely sorry that these eluded my tests -- they did not occur on my phone.
  2. Added a new preference to the Settings panel (default to "on") to confirm commands unless the user was clearly heard to say "No" or "Never mind" when asked to confirm.

Apr 18, 2012 v1.7.36 (Free only)

  1. 1.7.35 may have been a bad build for Free

Apr 18, 2012 v1.7.35

  1. New EULA notes that ICS is not and will not be supported
  2. Fix for phones that showed EULA every run.

Jan 13, 2012 v1.7.34

  1. Until a user has successfully confirmed several commands, confirmations will have an explicit reminder to say "That is correct" rather than "Yes", as it is MUCH more easily recognized.
  2. Dictated texts, emails and reminders will capitalize the initial letter and the first letter that follows each period, question mark or exclamation point.
  3. Ellipses were wrongly displayed.
  4. New users will find the "Dial" command is now enabled by default
  5. Added back in the optional prompting blip, I hope this time without negative side-effects!
  6. Possible fix to a particular crash
  7. Improved recognition of the "land line" synonym that can be used to call contacts at "home" when the shorter word proves difficult
  8. Added checkbox to force 8kHz mode (needed for Xperia phones, and maybe Dell phones). Use this only if Parrot Mode plays your voice back at a higher pitch han you spoke when not using a Bluetooth headset.
  9. Added checkbox to ignore spurious claims from SVox that you need to download voice synthesis data. It will only display when SVox is installed.

Dec 30, 2011 v1.7.33 (Free version only)

  1. Fixed crash-on-launch in Free version. Sorry!

Dec 28th, 2011 v1.7.32

  1. App will again use full screen on large-screen phones
  2. Cubed is now the preferred third-party music app
  3. PowerAMP is only working with basic commands that do not involve song, album, artist names, etc. Hoping to get it working again.

Dec 16th, 2011 v1.7.30

  1. Special case handling to better recognize "Open" command for DW Contacts, Dolphin Browser and Calengoo. App developers may consider "does my app have a name that a general purpose recognizer can easily infer a correct pronunciation from its spelling?"
  2. PowerAMP now auto-resumes properly, but only basic music playing commands work. The new API is essentially undocumented and the developer has not been sufficienly responsive to questions on how to drive the new version.
  3. SVOX TTS sometimes tells me that the voice data is not installed. I believe this is their bug, as it arose when they changed their software while mine remained the same. No action yet taken from my end.
  4. Option to have a blip prompting tone before you speak.

July 26, 2011 v1.7.29

  1. Reverting to 1.7.27 code due to bugs in latest

July 25, 2011 v1.7.28

  1. The option to use Bluetooth always or only when the app is started by BT button press reappears. It was inadvertently removed.
  2. The option to have a blip sound to signal when the app is listening is restored.

July 17, 2011 v1.7.27

  1. Sony Ericsson phones may finally correctly use their calendar app. I had a typo in my code -- sorry! If it does not now work, let me know please.
  2. "NYTimes" apps now opened as "New York Times"
  3. "IMDb" and "WebMD" apps now opened as people pronounce them
  4. Reminders now set for 30 minutes, as some calendar apps now no longer support 15 minute event times.
  5. Shake-and-Talk will be disabled by default, as new users find it too confusing if it fires off unexpectedly
  6. Added "Like" buttons at bottom of Settings and Help panels

June 29, 2011 v1.7.26

  1. SO SICK OF SONY ERICSSON PHONES. All Sony Ericsson phones will now operate at 8kHz, providing workable speech recognition for all.

June 29, 2011 v1.7.25

  1. More Xperia phones should now offer working speech recognition.

June 27, 2011 v1.7.24

  1. Fixed the "Set my Facebook status" bug by avoiding use of Single Sign On
  2. Shorten welcome sequence by removing explanation of confirmation modes
  3. bTunes is no longer supported as a music player

June 9, 2011 v1.7.23

  1. DEMO period of Free version considerably increased
  2. PowerAMP will now display its screen after music play commands, as the other apps do
  3. A bug in recent versions of Facebook's official app prevents "Set my Facebook Status" from working. My app will now handle this bug better, and advise that users uninstall Facebook or simply not use my feature until Facebook addresses the issue.

June 8, 2011 v1.7.22

  1. Xperia phones named E10i will now work. This is a workaround for a bug in the phones.
  2. POSSIBLE fix for music command crashes. I'd like to hear from someone who experiences these.

May 31, 2011 v1.7.21

  1. Ooops! Fixed crash on some music-playing commands

May 31, 2011 v1.7.20

  1. Some Android 2.x stock music apps no longer permit remote control, which could cause my app to crash-on-launch.
  2. The button to send texts, emails, Facebook status, etc, will be larger
  3. Attempts to call a contact "at pager" were going to his work phone. Fixed.
  4. Removed some no-longer-accurate tips from the Settings panel.
  5. App would allow "Dial 411" and other 3 digit numbers although Android does not permit third party apps to dial special numbers. These numbers will no longer be recognized.
  6. Withdrawing support for saying "No (some other command)" when confirming a command hypothesis. It was not well implemented.

May 24 2011 v1.7.19

  1. Discontinuing support for prompting by the blip tone
  2. Removed all use of notification tones (blips and bonks)
  3. Fixed crash seen on music play-by-name commands
  4. PowerAMP app was not restricting shuffle play to the named type of music

May 14th, 2011, v1.7.18 (Android 2.x version only)

  1. Owing to there being few Android 1.x phones, only the Android 2.x versions of Choice Dialer (the "Plus" versions) will receive updates from here on
  2. Sony X10s running Android 2.1-update1 have a firmware issue. I work around this by forcing them to a lower sampling rate. This was not my bug, but Sony's
  3. Support for new music app: PowerAMP! Yay!
  4. May have fixed an odd crash
  5. It seems that Captivates might all lack the means to do Bluetooth Voice Dialing under 2.2 -- will make some way of alerting the user to this possibility.

Mar 7 2011, v1.7.17 (final release of Android 1.x version)

  1. The Settings panel was allowing you to set confirmation mode for Bluetooth use when Bluetooth was not available, and vice-versa. Fixed.
  2. Some G1s have camera buttons, and Choice Dialer assumed they did not. Now it will be unsure and will offer users a means to select it or deselect it as a launch trigger from Settings.
  3. Pared down text used in the status bar icon. It was causing concern amongst users when there is nothing to worry about whatsoever.
  4. The amount of time a status notification icon will be displayed in the default mode will now be just 20 seconds (down from 2 minutes) after the most recent system report of low memory.
  5. Added logic to tell some Captivate users on 2.2 that their phone cannot do Bluetooth Voice Dialing... the Froyo.UCKB1 firmware on some Captivates fails to make that happen and does not tell my app that it is failing, so I am assuming no Captivate running 2.2 works in this regard.
  6. Removed ability to cycle confirmation modes by touching logo on main screen. It was causing usability issues. Voice commands and Settings panel are now the means to change this setting.
  7. Possible fix for person who was losing voice confirmation mode when using Bluetooth headset.
  8. Possible fix for a crash when Parrot mode may have been running

Feb 20th 2011, v1.7.16

  1. Options to use a status bar icon to prevent being killed off when memory is tight
  2. Some users see phone calls not going through when dialed. I think this is fixed.
  3. Demo mode trial period increased slightly

Feb 7th 2011, v1.7.15

  1. Fix for crash some users experience when placing calls using Bluetooth (Plus versions only)
  2. Fix or perhaps just better handling of an issue that prevents some users linking to a Google Voice account (for sending texts). Hoping for a fix.
  3. Google Voice passwords were not being properly stored. Thety are encrypted and used properly now, sparing users from having to enter them when sending texts by Google Voice..

Jan 31 2011, v1.7.14

  1. Fixed crash for new users during welcome sequence

Jan 31 2011, v1.7.13

  1. Media buttons on headsets were not being handled properly, particularly from Bluetooth headsets

Jan 30 2011, v1.7.12

  1. A bug in 1.7.11 prevented the app from launching cleanly

Jan 30 2011, v1.7.11

  1. Phones that lack support for Bluetooth Voice Dialing will now clearly explain the why of it under the Help panel, as well as in the Welcome sequence
  2. Feedback reports will now require you to provide an email. It's vexing when someone tells me something is not working, and I have no means to follow-up.
  3. May have made the app more resilient to false button press events generated when a wired headset it unplugged.
  4. Removed complex code allowing the app to run at lower sampling rate if it had trouble opening the microphone at the preferred rate.
  5. Removed code to help people ask for a refund after upgrading across Android 1.x/2.x I will still honor people who have to sidegrade to Plus, but it will be done manually
  6. Default will now be to learn the name of only the contacts who have phone numbers
  7. Added code to coordinate audio routing with my new Ear Buddy app.

Jan 1st 2011, v1.7.10

  1. Upgrading users will now have no welcome sequence whatsoever.
  2. Apps with "MP3" in the name were not being well-recognized. I added special-case logic to spell this out for the recognizer.
  3. "Play music" will now load up ALL your songs for playback. Previously, it did no such thing, and might have resulted in nothing happening if your player had no music queued up
  4. Added a "Shuffle play music" command, which will shuffle between all the songs in your selected player.
  5. Shuffle mode will now also perform an external shuffle of your songs. Some player apps (Cubed?) would for some reason always start with the same song before shuffling began.
  6. Added a "Resume music" command, which will do just that. This means that if you have no music queued up in the player app, the result could be no music play.
  7. New users who had to download text-to-speech speech data would have to restart the app to have the TTS work (it would wedge on "Starting..."). This should be fixed.
  8. A hook was added by which Choice Dialer Plus can prevent my other app (Ear Buddy) from fighting over Bluetooth and audio routing

Dec 25th 2010, v1.7.9 (Plus versions only)

  1. Issues arising from new support for Android 2.3 should finally be addressed. I am very sorry for my confusion on these last several releases.

Dec 24th 2010, v1.7.8 (Plus versions only)

  1. A rebuild with no intended changes. I suspect the previous two builds were somehow inconsistent.

Dec 23rd 2010, v1.7.7 (Plus versions only)

  1. Fixes a crash seen on 1.7.6 by Android 2.1 users

Dec 23rd 2010, v1.7.6 (Plus versions only)
Users on v1.7.5 who are not running Android 2.3 need not install

  1. Establish compatibility with Android 2.3 (current version crashes)
  2. Extend the 1-day forced sync to 7 days. This will mean faster launches.
  3. Android Music 2.3 has been verified to be incompatible (Android chose to close off a helpful interface, not a good sign)

Dec 12th 2010, v1.7.5

  1. is being started when Choice Dialer quits... removing code intended to pause it, as apparently it causes the app to PLAY!
  2. Android's stock music app on 2.3 has made the unfortunate choice to make its media playback service private. It will be marked as incompatible. I am going to guess that HTC's stock app for 2.3 will also be incompatible.

Dec 11th 2010, v1.7.4

  1. Possible fix for phones that lose Bluetooth headset connection when placing calls (Android 2.2 and later users only)
  2. Fix odd crash during EULA/Welcome sequence
  3. Support to the extent than music will stop when Choice Dialer is launched.
  4. Explain politely if an app refuses to "open" for some reason
  5. If the app's Quick Start service got killed, the app would not launch. Now, it will correct itself after one failure
  6. A very speculative fix for scheduling events on Sony X10 phones -- I need testers

Nov 28th 2010, v1.7.3

  1. Added back in support for more contact names, as an option. I am not sure but feel that recognition accuracy falls off when this extra memory is used.
  2. Wired headset button can now be set to Ignore, Short press or Long press. Might allow some interoperability with other uses of this button. Tested with "Cubed".
  3. Camera button launch now has an option to permit it to wake and unlock the phone.
  4. One crash might be fixed, but I wish I knew what was actually causing it.
  5. Removed the log-collecting-and-sending stuff. It failed too often, anyway
  6. Possible fix for a bug causing a crash when playing music on stock music apps in Japan (and elsewhere?)

Nov 17th 2010, v1.7.2

  1. Fixed upgrade bug that caused hang on launch. The welcome sequence for upgrades had to reappear to make it happen easily.

Nov 16th 2010, v1.7.1

  1. Option to have initial prompt be by blip tone, voice, or voice followed by the blip
  2. New command: "enable/disable texting over Google Voice"
  3. New command: "enable/disable calling over Google Voice". This requires that you have Google Voice installed (generally a free app). It is merely a shortcut to the panel that makes that capability clear.
  4. Upgrading users will have no welcome sequence at all.
  5. Option in paid versions to send outbound texts via Google Voice. As that service is currently offered, this may permit users to opt for a cheaper phone plan
  6. Fix new crash caused by hitting "sync" button.
  7. Changed the default for when to use Bluetooth headsets to "always" from "on Bluetooth button press" (Android 2.2 users only)
  8. Increased the maximum and default shake-and-talk intensity level... some phones seem super-sensitive to this feature.
  9. Reduced the maximum amount of additional memory that might be asked for when people have more names than the recognizer can ordinarily handle. It seems reaching for the stars here comes with a bad fall-off in recognizer accuracy.
  10. The Free version will offer the paid features for a limited demo trial and then inform the user that it is reverting to Free mode
  11. The configured Daisy-chain dialer app was not being shown in the Settings panel
  12. Handcent SMS's Quick Compose panel is shown as a Daisy-chain dialer option, but it didn't work. It still will not, but at least will show a proper notice

Oct 23rd, v1.7.0

  1. Added a panel, accessible from Settings, from which you can see the contact names as the app knows them
  2. Changed default contact recognition mode to "My Contacts" from "All Contacts"
  3. Added support for contacts with some common military rank prefixes, such as "Sgt.", "Lt." and "Cpl." Such tricks do not scale well, however
  4. Shake-and-talk will now be disabled by default. Too many new users were freaking out, unaware of its function and how to adjust/disable it.
  5. Verified support for the very-nice-sounding SVox text-to-speech engine. It was not super-easy to get working, but it does work. You MAY have to restart Choice Dialer to have it realize that there is a new default TTS engine.
  6. Added enable/disable commands for GPS, 3G (or 4G). These are shortcuts, as Android for some reason requires users to do these using Android's own Settings panel
  7. New option to never use Bluetooth, even when launched by headset button-press
  8. New option to always use speakerphone for dictation, even if commands are being handled over bluetooth
  9. Discontinuing support for Android 2.x on the original app. Things will start to break. Sidegraders to Choice Dialer Plus will be refunded.
  10. Addressing a text message to someone's "pager" number may not have worked
  11. Made "Cubed" the default music player, followed by bTunes, else the supported stock players
  12. The sync button will now cause Choice Dialer to re-examine available music apps
  13. Adding more music commands : "Play music", "Pause music", "Next song", "Previous song", "Enable/disable shuffle mode", "Enable/disable repeat mode"
  14. New option permits Choice Dialer to auto-resume music paused by its use. It will not resume if you place a call.
  15. I may have established compatibility with HTC's 2.x music app.
  16. Added some app-names to special pronunciation list (e.g., "HTC Mobile Guide")
  17. Some Bluetooth users could not get the volume loud enough. I removed an attenuation used for BT, and instead made the "Voice Confirmation Volume" slider adjust 3 independent settings for Bluetooth headset, wired headset and speakerphone, depending on which was in use when the settings panel was opened
  18. Similar treatment has been added to the Tone volume slider
  19. Changes made which may slightly improve launch times from a cold start
  20. Fix on a stray crash on exiting the Settings panel
  21. Sped up TTS speed on Free versions.
  22. Fix quirky behavior of phone number shorthand textfield on Settings panel
  23. Added a preference as to whether Choice Dialer should be a generous loaner of memory when other apps demand more

Sep 29th, v1.6.17 (Choice Dialer Free only)

  1. Fixed crash when making calls.

Sep 28th, v1.6.16

  1. Fix for crash caused by Artists/Albums/Songs/etc with null names
  2. Some dialogs offered buttons to whisk the user to Help or Settings, and finishing there did not do another recognition as has been my standard. Fixed.
  3. Verified fix for a crash seen by users with more names than customary configuration would allow

Sep 27th, v1.6.14

  1. Unsuccessful fixes for a crash seen by users with more names than customary configuration would allow -- proper fix coming

Sep 27th, v1.6.12

  1. Adding an option to not learn the names of contacts who have no phone numbers (Android 2.x only)
  2. App detects and (optionally) tries to correct transposed contact names (where "Jim Jones" is being reported to Choice Dialer as "Jones, Jim".
  3. You can now call/text contacts at phone numbers tagged as "pager", e.g., "Call Bob Jones at pager"
  4. Calling contacts who had phones that were not home, work, mobile or other might have overwritten the standard ones with the less-common ones. Fixed.
  5. The app will provide better feedback when placing calls
  6. Increased capacity for contact, music and app names (as was in 1.6.7)
  7. Removed option to omit the prompting tone with Bluetooth headsets
  8. Disabling Quickstart is no longer an option
  9. People who were unable to hear the prompt tone with Bluetooth headsets should now hear it clearly
  10. Choice Dialer will reduce its memory use more aggressively if the Android system declares a shortage of available memory
  11. SCVNGR app will now be openable by voice as "Scavenger"
  12. Removed poorly-conceived debugging tools which were attracting gerfingerpoken
  13. Sending texts sometimes did not mark the contact as being recently contacted
  14. Cleaned up the manner in which the app stores preferences and similar data

Sep 14th, v1.6.11 (for users running Android 2.2)

  1. Removed the "resume music after running Choice Dialer if user did not place a call" feature, as it was causing loss of phone audio after placing calls.

Sep 14th, v1.6.10

Reversion to address speech recognition bug
Changes from 1.6.6 through 1.6.9 that are not included are marked (*)
  1. Android 2.2 users can answer incoming calls by pressing the BT button... Choice Dialer Plus will not start up.
  2. Attempt to fix bug that could mute audio after a call (Android 2.2 users)
  3. Volume guard apps (such as RingGuard) should not complain if they honor this broadcast.
  4. If the user wishes to record any notes in a contact (or album or song, etc) name, he may do so by placing a double colon in front of it. This will prevent the non-name text from being used in the recognizer. E.g., a contact named "Bob Smith :: co-worker of Sue" would be voice-dialable by "Call Bob Smith".

Sep 12th, v1.6.9

Update if having poor recognition
  1. Fixed a speech recognition bug that really hurt some users
  2. Finally fixed volume change warnings for RingGuard
  3. Adding some easier-to-use debugging features.
  4. Removed an undocumented debugging command
  5. Shortened the welcome panel intro sequence

Sep 9th, v1.6.8

Update if having poor recognition
  1. Fixed new crashing bug on call/send a text commands

Sep 8th, v1.6.7

Update if having poor recognition
  1. Fixed a bug where Android 2.2 users who pressed the Bluetooth button while Choice Dialer was running got a weird behavior
  2. Calling or emailing a contact without specifying "home", "work", "mobile" or "other" will default to an appropriate field, if there is just one and it's marked as "primary". (*)
  3. Contacts entered via HTC's contacts app could not have their email addresses tagged as "home", "work", "moble". They will now be added randomly under those tags.(*)
  4. The recognizer now can load more contacts/apps/songs. How many will depend on the cleanliness and nature of the names, but contacts with first and last names and no other data crammed in there should allow well over 1000.(*)
  5. The user may now preface any notes s/he may wish to squirrel away with a contact name (i.e., to help overcome deficiencies in the Contact app's search functionality) with a double colon marker -- "::". If present, this marker and anything following it will not be considered part of the contact/song/album/whatever's name
  6. The logic to placate RingGuard and similar volume-control-locking apps may have been insufficient. Choice Dialer now sends the broadcast to warn of its action before every stream volume adjustment. If you have an app that still objects, ask its developer to support this OpenIntents broadcast.

Sep 1st, v1.6.6

Update if having poor recognition
  1. Possible fix for Bluetooth headset becoming stuck, requiring restart of Choice Dialer
  2. The "Help" command and menu function were accidentally changed to access the "Settings" panel. Fixed.
  3. Choice Dialer could cause volume-guard apps (such as RingGuard) to object when it set the notification volume. Choice Dialer now broadcasts the OpenIntents Intent to declare that it will alter the volume. RingGuard should no longer object, and other, less-well-behaved apps can be mollified by disabling this feature within Choice Dialer from the Settings panel.
  4. It was pointed out that HTC's messaging app (on 2.x, at least) was not a very helpful place to send the user after sending a dictated text message. An option on Choice Dialer settings allows you to suppress this behavior. A better solution is to install Handcent SMS, which behaves really nicely there.
  5. The "Cubed" and "bTunes" music players could not be launched by voice. Fixed.
  6. Added special handling so acronym-named stock apps such as "IM", "APNs", "SD card", etc would be recognizable.
  7. "Enable silent mode" will now silence notifications as well as the ringer.

Aug 26th, v1.6.5

  1. Fixed a terrible bug in the Android 1.x version that would prevent contact names from being recognized after a sync
  2. Free users can now set the volume of the voice confirmations
  3. The Text-to-Speech volume slider was not adjusting the voice volume when using Bluetooth.
  4. Max volume for voice confirmations in Bluetooth has been increased
  5. Volume levels in the app (voice confirmations and blips and bonks) are controlled from the app's Settings panel
  6. The panel that showed up if the app could not understand the user was annoying in hands-free use. App will now provide 5 tries (rather than 3) for a command when in voice confirmation or car mode, and then will quit altogether rather than display a panel.
  7. No feedback was provided when enabling/disabling Bluetooth
  8. Stock music players on Froyo will resume music playback if your command does not place a call or cause other music to play.
  9. New command: "Set my Facebook status". The Free apps will get to use the transcription feature for this command.
  10. The call confidence slider under Settings was not working.
  11. Added smarter handling of commas and periods in contact names should permit domain names and acronyms to be recognized automatically.
  12. The Free versions were syncing contacts every 2 minutes. Now, they will do so only once every 24 hours, like the Paid versions.
  13. Some users found calls placed via BT did not set the call into BT mode. This should be fixed.
  14. The SMS composition window used when dictating in Paid versions now allows button-presses for redoing the dictation or to append more dictated text.
  15. Removed the preference to keep the keyguard off, as the phone could not be locked without killing my app! The automatic handling of suspending it when a call is placed is smarter now, and keyguard will lock after placing a call.
  16. If it was between noon and 1 PM, "What time is it?" would report the hour as "zero".
  17. The code to prompt the user to download missing text-to-speech data was not working. It should now work.

Aug 16th, v1.6.4

  1. Free versions crashed on "Send a text to (whom)" (fixed)
  2. The app was not cleanly exiting after dictating text

Aug 15th, v1.6.3

  1. Debug logs sent by the stock Email app were being truncated.
  2. Disable the "Send" button on composed text messages when sending, to avoid multiple sends
  3. Use the preferred SMS app rather than the integrated composition window when typing the text messages.
  4. Perform a soft, dynamic resolution of duplicate contacts in which their various phone numbers and email addresses are aggregated, giving preference to the person most often contacted.
  5. Some phones required the user to wake and unlock the phone after a call command issued by Bluetooth.
  6. Feedback by TTS provided after commands issued over Bluetooth were being sawn off.
  7. Alarm and notification audio files and songs under 4 seconds in duration are now omitted from song name recognition.
  8. If phones running Android 1.6 or later did not have text-to-speech data installed, the app hung. This has been improved and they should be directed to download this data.
  9. The app had been limited to recognizing integers in the range 1-50. I added support for 50-90 (by 5s) in order to permit "schedule an event in 90 minutes".

Aug 11th, v1.6.2

  1. Nicer welcome sequence - longer on first installation, and briefer on updates
  2. Feedback reports can now be 512 characters of length
  3. New "Car Mode" combines Voice Confirmation with automatic use of speakerphone while placing calls. It is intended for non-Bluetooth users for car use.
  4. Now supports email dictation for users of K9 Mail
  5. Added a debugging sequence to learn more about phones whose microphones do not open.
  6. Belatedly, allow Android 2.x users to select "All Contacts" rather than just "My Contacts"
  7. Scheduling reminders for a number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months which would cause cycling of higher level divisions was not causing that to occur.

Aug 3rd, v1.6.1

  1. Choice Dialer Plus's attempt to tell sidegrading users how to refund was causing a crash
  2. Sidegrading users will be reminded to uninstall the earlier version of the sidegraded app.
  3. New command: "What time is it?" It always uses voice feedback
  4. Choice Dialer Plus users on Android 2.2 with Bluetooth headsets were never hearing the prompting blip. It now honors the preference in the Settings panel.

Aug 1st, v1.6.0

  1. Android 1.5 users of the Free version were not being taken to get TTS Extended when needed
  2. Now works on small-screen devices, e.g. HTC Wildfire
  3. Choice Dialer Plus users will be able to toss Choice Proxy
  4. Settings panel is reorganized and slightly prettier
  5. Feedback/refund panel had a bug
  6. Sped up the voice confirmations slightly in the Free editions
  7. Made voice confirmation mode the global default, even though I think visual confirmation mode is better when the voice would be over the speakerphone
  8. New debugging system allows users to send debug logs to help me understand issues better.
  9. Disabled "Daisychain dialer launch" if we were launched from a locked screen.
  10. Made the "Daisychain dialer launch" be off by default, as few can anticipate this, and it troubles low-vision users.
  11. (BETA FEATURE) Paid users will be able to actually dictate text messages, emails, and the body for scheduled events!
  12. Adding an option to have "Send a text to (who)" assume the mobile number when no specific sub-place is specified.

July 22nd v1.5.2

  1. Wired headset button would not wake app from sleep.
  2. Bluetooth button would not wake app from sleep.

July 21st v1.5.1

  1. Phones running the Plus version crashed on long-press of the call button. This may be fixed
  2. Refund handling was not working well. Much improved. I have refunded many buyers already.
  3. Disabled Shake-and-Talk when a phone call is ongoing.
  4. changed some text to more accurately describe the refund process. I refund the original app's purchase

July 16th v1.5.0

  1. Changed wording of "hands-free mode" into "voice confirmation mode" to avoid issues with Bluetooth hands-free dialing expectations.
  2. Android 2.x users are being encouraged to sidegrade to a new app customized for Android 2.x
  3. Voice confirmation speed is now adjustable (on Paid versions)
  4. BETA of hands-free Bluetooth dialing on Android >= 2.2 (from the new app only)
  5. Choice Dialer Free now has voice confirmations! I set a slow speech speed, however.
  6. better first-run behavior to describe Bluetooth limitations (if any) and launch options
  7. Media button and Bluetooth voice command will work when phone is asleep
  8. alternate ways to open microphone on recalcitrant phones (e.g.: some Samsung Moments)
  9. "noon" and "midnight" were reversed in their meaning -- fixed
  10. fixed bugs in feedback report format
  11. voice/visual confirmation mode preference now separately remembered for car dock/earphone/Bluetooth headset/other cases.
  12. (after 1.5.0) Android 2.x users of the sidegrade version will be able to uninstall Choice Proxy

June 28th v1.4.13

  1. Android 2.2 version now called "Choice Dialer Plus", as it will eventually offer more features on the 2.2 platform, and this will help me present it differently in the Market
  2. Some crashes on verbal confirmation dialogs may be fixed
  3. Some crashes on phones with no compatible music players are fixed
  4. Some phones failed on occasion to make their "blip" sound. If this happens now, no crash will occur -- the blip will simply be omitted.
  5. Better format for feedback and crash reports
  6. Support for phones that can store music on internal media (e.g.: Incredible). Individual music apps may require similar fixes.

June 10th v1.4.12

  1. Fixed a crash caused by some app names.

June 9th v1.4.11

  1. Contacts, apps, artists, etc with names longer than 80 characters or more than 6 words are ignored.
  2. Scheduling events for 12:XX "in the afternoon" or PM was scheduling them in the morning. Fixed.
  3. Shake-and-talk explained more fully in Settings
  4. Accelerometer sampling rate is now adjustable, which may make Shake-and-Talk work on some phones where it was problematic before
  5. more comprehensive crash detection/reporting
  6. Blip tone volumes can be adjusted
  7. Home key would cause a zombie Choice Dialer screen. Fixed.
  8. If an app cannot be opened by the Open command, feedback will be offered, but it will no longer be treated as a bug.
  9. Tried a more flexible means of opening apps in hopes that more will respond as desired.
  10. Reduced excessive logging output

May 14th v1.4.10

  1. Allow people to try using HTC's stock music app on Android 2.x.
  2. Adjustable volume for voice confirmations
  3. Launch on long-press of camera button works
  4. Launch on wired headset button (as on an iPhone-style headset) works

May 10th v1.4.9

  1. Fix some FCs on exit

May 7th v1.4.8

  1. I found that HTC phones running Android 2.x (Incredible) have an (as yet) incompatible music app. Updated Choice Dialer to recognize this and steer them to download "Cubed".

May 5th v1.4.7

  1. Scheduling an event for anytime "AM" behaved as if you said "PM". This is fixed.
  2. Placing phone calls was not offering the name of the place it was calling the person. Fixed.

Apr 20th v1.4.6

  1. Some phones (Droids?) were checking their music at the drop of a hat. I disabled the auto-sync of music and apps for now, which should solve this.
  2. Hands-free mode could get into a funk and stop doing confirmations. I think this is now fixed.
  3. Fixed a typo in the Settings panel

Apr 16th v1.4.5

  1. Fixed a bug in feedback/bug reporting
  2. Selecting 3rd party music apps could produce a crash

Apr 12th v1.4.4

  1. Fixed a bug where shake-to-talk would stop working after placing a call in hands-free mode.
  2. Compatible with third-party music apps bTunes (Android 1.6 or Android 2.x) and "Cubed". A control on the Settings panel allows you to select the one you prefer to use.
  3. Some Android 1.x users were unable to voice dial contacts synced from Outlook. A new option on the Settings panel to recognize "All Contacts" as opposed to "My Contacts" may help them.
  4. I withdrew support for launching Choice Dialer by Bluetooth buttons, as no one could tell me this was working for them.
  5. I made "Play the song (title)" command default to being disabled, as an increasing number of users were unable to load up all their music in Choice Dialer. This change is one of perception management.
  6. Shake-to-talk sensitivity default has been increased, as some users found it too sensitive and it was hard for them to tell what was going wrong.

Mar 31st v1.4.3

  1. Artist names that are acronyms (e.g., R.E.M.) will recognizable in the manner users expect
  2. Touching the app logo in the upper left will toggle hands-free mode in full version.
  3. Android 1.5 users have voice confirmations working in this version through a separate helper app
  4. Choice Dialer will now auto-sync if an attempt to play a song or album fails in a way that indicates a need to synchronize
  5. Choice Dialer will now auto-sync music entries when mounting or unmounting media

Mar 27th Choice Proxy v1.0.7

  1. Restore lost function to users of Choice Dialer BETA. They receive a beta notice and upgrade panel every 100 invocations.

Mar 24th v1.4.2

  1. Removed Android 1.5 support for now, as the hands-free mode is not working as I thought it was

Mar 23rd v1.4.1

  1. Removed copy protection. This is proving MOST unwise.

Mar 23rd v1.4.0

  1. New "Shake and Talk" launch option (on by default, and adjustable from Settings). Unlock your phone and give it a vigorous shake... Choice Dialer beeps and listens for a command.
  2. Long-press on search will no longer go straight to the next configured dialer
  3. Long-press on call will no longer go straight to the next configured dialer
  4. Fix for Exchange contacts on Android 2.x -- should be fully supported
  5. Option for people with "too many contacts" (1200+ or so?) to have Choice Dialer only recognize the starred contacts.
  6. Beta launch options for long-press-on-Camera and Bluetooth media button. See Settings panel.
  7. Crash bugs fixed. I hope you hear feedback on any new ones so I can fix those, too.
  8. Email addresses attached to crash reports were not getting sent to me. Now they are. I deeply regret any signal of unresponsiveness this bug might have caused.

Feb 21st v1.3.1

  1. Fixed a crash that occurred after accepting the EULA

Feb 20th v1.3.0

  1. A new hands-free mode prompts weak recognition results verbally on all phones but Android 1.5 phones which instead use a separate confidence slider to reduce confirmations in hands-free mode.
  2. There is an option to have Choice Dialer switch to hands-free mode automatically when placed in a car dock.
  3. The "always confirm calls" checkbox on the Settings panel has been replaced with a confidence threshold slider whose value must be >= that of the one that governs the non-calling commands.
  4. Free version now supports "Quick Start Mode" which should reduce its start-up time considerably.
  5. Free version now has a manual "sync" button.
  6. A long press on the search button will now open Choice Dialer
  7. Similarly, other apps available by long-pressing the search button (Google Voice Search) will be selected as daisy-chain apps to be launched from Choice Dialer
  8. A crash seen on a call command is fixed
  9. Explicitly sending a text message to mobile was treated as impermissible. This should be fixed.
  10. Choice Dialer was not exiting after playing music on Android 2.x phones (Nexus One, Droid). Fixed.
  11. Choice Dialer was not enabling/disabling Bluetooth on Android 2.x phones (Nexus One, Droid). Fixed.
  12. "Edit contact for (name)" command was not working on Andr4oid 2.x phones. Fixed.
  13. "Dial" command was not working when you gave it 7 digit numbers. Fixed.
  14. Option to extend support for 7 digit dialing to all applications on the phone.

Jan 28th, v1.2.8

  1. An attempt to fix "Enable Bluetooth" on Android 2.x
  2. Fixed a force-close on a Droid -- thanks for the detailed bug report

Jan 27th, v1.2.7

  1. Cleaned up the "Open (app)" code a LOT. All should work now, but some names have changed (see Help panel). Still a crash on Android 2.x "Open Gallery", though. I have no insight on that one.
  2. Released a Free version without music, calendar or enable/disable commands.
  3. I see a crash report on "Enable Bluetooth" on Android 2.x -- thanks. It was detailed enough that I think I can fix this without even having a phone to run the code on. Tomorrow? Soon, anyhow.

Jan 25th, v1.2.6

  1. Added "Enable/disable Bluetooth" and "Synchronize" commands
  2. Fixed a bug in music support for Android 2.x phones.
  3. Bluetooth toggle in Android 2.x is not tested. Let me know!

Jan 24th, v1.2.5

  1. Fixed a crash that could occur upon hitting the menu key
  2. Bug and Feedback reports provide more options to speed resolution of any issues.
  3. Able to invoke other dialers conveniently
  4. May be able to work with new service (Nexus)
  5. Blazingly fast start-up mode (on by default)

Jan 21st, v1.2.4

  1. Sync dialog removed in favor of indication at screen bottom.
  2. Button and menu option to sync on demand
  3. Upcoming paid version will feature faster performance
  4. I was still seeing crashes from some phones. I may have fixed it.

Jan 18th, v1.2.3

  1. Removed the last of some very poorly considered microphone logic that SHOULD address all first-run force closes. If you still get one, please email me if Choice Dialer does not offer an automated bug report.

Jan 18th, v1.2.2

  1. Trying to fix a recent force-close crash introduced by trying to support different microphone hardware. I'm sorry to have such difficulty here, as the issue does not arise on my phone.
  2. relaxed the low-end of the confidence threshold in settings, as one user reported he was unable to get calls to go off without confirmation.

Jan 17th, v1.2.1

  1. Added code to detect extremely high record levels, as seen on some CLIQs. Should alert user to the problem.
  2. Pulse users were seeing a crash on start. I think I fixed this, but I cannot tell. They have incompatible microphones, I think.
  3. I may have fixed the bug with Droids seeing a crash on "Open Gallery"
  4. Nicer welcome screen and first compilation of the grammar.

Jan 11th, v1.19

  1. Failed recognitions offer user option to quickly retry
  2. CLIQ users are told to speak quietly and far from their phones -- the mikes are just wicked hot on gain and I do not think I can adjust it. Raise a fuss with the manufacturer... this will likely impact all speech rec stuff you try to do
  3. Choice Dialer tries to know which phones have call keys and which do not, and advises them accordingly
  4. Added a "Settings" command so user can quickly get to Choice Dialer settings. Phone settings are accessible via "Open Settings".

Jan 11th 2010 v1.18

  1. Music commands should now work well on Droid and Nexus One
  2. A start-up bug that crept into v1.17 should be fixed
  3. Better logic for when the app should finish up
  4. Added a progress dialog used when names are compiled
  5. The app is looking close to set for sale. Thanks, testers!

Jan 8th 2010, v1.17

  1. Fixed an odd crash where a phone could not catalog apps for "open (app)" command.
  2. Shortcut key options added: call button, camera button, media button (whatever that is). Not sure if they work on all phones.
  3. "enable silent mode" now sets vibrator on and disables ringer. This is one thing the iPhone actually got right.
  4. Fixed a bug where the Call command's confirmation might not include the person's name.

If you are having problems, please use Choice Dialer's feedback menu option.

Choice Dialer is a trademark of Resounding, LLC.